Broken Jughandle Scuffed 45

…and then we gotta walk up this hill

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Beat Sketch ’84

Sample fest featuring a piece from DJ Food and a snip from @dguzzo’s Electribe synth.

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A few new things…

My audio player is functioning much better these days. For example, there is no longer a page refresh when you launch a track. I’ll be uploading more music there very soon. Hopefully music-videos will start to pop up as well Go to or click the “Audio Player” link on the menu above. I am […]

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Jordash Live @ AILI S.F.

This past Friday evening, I was lucky enough to catch a live, improvised hardware jam by one half of one of my favorite electronic dance groups, Juju & Jordash. Rocking a Roland 707 drum machine, two old-school analog keyboards (a Yamaha DX-11 and another Roland I believe) and a Melodica, Jordash provided a constant barrage […]

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Dope, New, ‘Unsigned’ Artists

During the last few years, streaming music technology has become increasingly accessible. One of the wonderful results of this new-found accessibility is the fact that websites who provide a free streaming service to artists can easily become a thriving sharing community. I have been finding artists on communities like Soundcloud and Carbon Logic creating amazing […]

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